• face mask and IR thermometer

    We are supplying the disposable face mask, the IR thermometer, and also the disposable glove, which can be used in beauty treatments and other occasion.
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  • Beauty Dusseldorf 2020

    The exhibition of “Beauty Dusseldorf” 2020 is delayed to September, so we wish to meet you in this Autumn. Our stand is 10-D49, and we will wait you there.
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  • Laser Hair Removal Market Clinical Aspects, Trends, Applications and Development Analysis 2019 to 2024

    Latest Industry Research Report On “Global Laser Hair Removal Market 2019 By Manufacturers, Regions, Type, And Application, Forecast To 2024” in-depth analysis of the market state and also the competitive landscape globally. Laser hair removal is the process of hair removal by means of exposure t...
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  • Facialist Georgia Louise Launches a Customized Face Cream Machine

    It measures your skin, analyzes the data, then concocts a custom moisturizer on the spot — in under 10 minutes. In this week’s wave of super exciting, yet unsurprising, skin-care news: Aesthetician Georgia Louise has blessed us with another skin-care technology, the Bespoke Cream Machine. E...
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  • Forte squatra di tecnicu

    Forte squatra di tecnicu

    Avemu una forte squatra di tecnicu à l 'industria, dicennii di sperienza prufessiunale, livellu disignu accillenti, criannu una high-di qualità intelligentequipment high-efficienza.
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  • criazioni voglie

    criazioni voglie

    A cumpagnia usa sistemi disignu avanzata è l 'usu di avanzata établissement sistema gestisce a qualità internaziunale ISO9001 u 2000.
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  • a qualità Très

    a qualità Très

    A cumpagnia spicializata in pruducia usato high-spettaculu, forti forza tecnicu, sviluppu di sviluppu forte, bona servizii tecnicu.
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